To those on the outside, the world of the entrepreneur can seem chaotic. It is a life of exceptional challenges, rare opportunities and remarkable people. Yet success is found at the heart of the maelstrom, and there are those who navigate it willingly and confidently, driven by passion and resolve. They revel in mastering it, and their reward is to see and know a different world.
We don’t just understand this life: we live it. Our philosophy is simple and challenging. Embrace change. Thrive in chaos. Think outside the box.

Nicolas Yvon, Pl. Fin., TEP
President - Founder

Clyde Léonard, CFA, CAIA, CIM
COO and Senior Portfolio Manager

Dave Dion, Pl. Fin.
VP - Family Office Services

Martin Fredette, CPA, CA
CFO and President - Accounting

Stephen Gauthier, CFA
CIO and Senior Portfolio Manager

Marie-Andrée Campbell
Director - Compliance

France Guimond

Tarun Bansal, CFA, MBA
Portfolio Manager and Chief Analyst

Sylvie Gendreau
President - Bookkeeping

Josée L’Heureux
VP - Accounting Services

Annie Harvey

Chantal Mercier

Stéphanie Jacques
Accounting Technician

Lucie Brisson, B.A.A., B.SC.

Dinel André
Accounting Technician

Salim Ben Tekaya
Operations Coordinator, Investment Support

Nathalie Cholette
Portfolio Management Support

Diana Berectari
Accounting Analyst

Valeria Perepelita