Expertise in wealth engineering

In an ever increasing complex and unstable legal and fiscal environment, having the support of fiscal, legal and accounting “experts” is essential. CEOS Family Office has an Estate Engineering team made up of 25 professionals.
Over time, our Estate Engineering team has developed real expertise on all the estate issues that an entrepreneur or family may encounter. Our team’s approach is global (legal, fiscal and financial) and it works in close collaboration with your usual advisors (notary, lawyer, accountant…). We work in collaboration with them while releasing them from the operating company’s complex situations. Together, we become proactive not reactive.
Our team of experts assists you in identifying a concise and comprehensive overview of your estate organization, whether it involves business, financial or real estate assets or purchasing a mountain. Once a global estate strategy is formulated, the team remains present for every key moment of your project. It maintains a permanent watch over legislative and regulatory changes and keeps you informed of them. It proposes alternative solutions when the law or jurisprudence creates constraints or new opportunities.