Canadian and US taxation

Your corporate structure and its continuing evolution

The world changes rapidly and so do laws and your structure. Our first yearly meeting always allows us to be ahead of your future projects. A personal corporate organizational chart can be extremely complex, even for your accountant. Our work involves enlarging your organizational chart in order to understand all the various entities that might be held in a corporate mold which, at first glance, appears simple. Unknown affiliates, accountants and lawyers unknown also to your professionals…that’s our everyday. Follow-up, analysis and verification are crucial. Our annual summary allows us to keep everyone up-to-date. Do you have any entities without shareholder agreement? We need to talk about it.


Taxation is at the heart of everything: succession planning, corporate organizational charts right up to your company purchasing a condo. Your taxation? What are the fiscal impacts? Taxation is the bridge between all the office professionals: notaries, accountants and financial planners! An essential subject and one which cannot be overlooked because you might not like the consequences!
US tax is a complex field that can affect your overall estate at any time. Our associates will ensure that we always have the appropriate structure whether it is just for a condo or for an investment south of the border. Remember, securities and net returns are not a game and must not be taken lightly.