Asset management and aggregation

With unique corporate access, our team stands out for its ability to find inaccessible and even partially closed managers for the average person. Our aggregation platform, with security system (the system is programmed to slow down and even close down to protect your data) also allows you to view all your financial institutions in one place. We only work with recognized security guardians and only with direct links to an API (application programming interface). This way, our clients’ access codes are NEVER at risk. And we can simply act as supervisor if that is required. Basically, wherever your assets are, we can aggregate everything on one statement.

In addition to access to experienced global managers, we have the capability to build investment structures for private mandates, regroup families and clients for a specific investment, and also to enter into a mandate with high minimums without risking your asset allocation. The investment world is in constant flux…and we will be the first to adapt.

Asset management and aggregation services

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