A team of specialists in estate planning

Planning for the transfer of your estate must begin early. Our team is here to clarify the various tax systems, legal intricacies and the most suitable options for preparing your succession with a long-term vision. Team members are notable experts in the complex issues facing entrepreneurs and wealthy families. Whether you are in your thirties with a genius idea or at the end of your career, there are always surprises awaiting you. Wealth does not have to compromise future generations, but can be a resource for creating the leaders of tomorrow, people of quality who will accomplish a great deal. If you call your lawyer for a new trust along the way, we will ensure that the rest of your estate remains consistent with your wishes. An estate is something whole and not a specific act.
Below are all our services for will and estate planning: land purchase, mortgages, notary services, protection mandates, powers of attorney, inter vivos trusts, trust wills, relations with private banks, trusts, financial statements.

Estate planning services

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